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The future of Mind was established primarily with the aim of helping individuals climb their own peaks in their life journey and have life experiences that they would be happy with. With its approach that puts people at the center, it has enriched the coaching models and has been a companion to transformations, some of which seem impossible at first. Based on this, the Future of Mind developed human-oriented coaching and consultancy models for institutions.


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Future of Mind (FOM) develops different coaching practices for the development of both individuals and organizations.



Take a glance at our “Start with Why “  blog post for the Golden Circle

The Result - What Are We Doing?

We support individuals and institutions to overcome difficult obstacles. We help them to realize their potential and reach their dreams.

The Process – How we do that?

We use psychology-based techniques, strong coaching approaches and personalized coaching tools created by ICA * through our face-to-face and digital coaching work.

The Passion – Why we do that?

We believe that we are all born with great potential and we enjoy seeing the miracles that small touches create in individuals.

* Future Of Mind applies ICA (International Coaching Academy) methodologies and with the ethical values ​​of ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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